Are You a Real Estate Investor?

It seems like this title is only reserved only for the savvy investors with a boat load of CASH sitting around, but the real story is... if you own a home, then BOOM! That's truly all it takes to be a "Real Estate Investor" yourself. 


Buying real estate is arguably one of the most popular ways to invest, and—if you do it right—you can make some real money off of your investment! Want to know why? It's because property is VALUABLE. As Mark Twain said it best, “Buy land. They’re not making it anymore.”

Real Estate Investors fall in to three basic categories:


Home Ownership

  • Home ownership is the first step in real estate investing, and it’s a huge part of achieving financial peace. As long as you keep paying taxes and insurance on your property, you don’t have to worry about ever losing your home. You can stay calm, regardless of the ups and downs of the real estate market, and it also frees up your budget to start saving for other types of investments.

Rental Properties

  • Owning one or multiple rental properties is a great way to create additional revenue for yourself—it could easily add thousands of dollars to your annual income. Then, if and when you decide to sell, you could earn a very nice profit. It all depends on what type of property you buy and how you manage it. The key is to always buy in a good location that has potential for growth and demand.

House Flipping

  • "Flipping" a house, or renovating a home to turn around and sell, is appealing because it’s a quicker process than renting out a property for years. In a matter of months, you could get the house back on the market and (hopefully) turn a nice profit. But just like other investments, there’s a risk you won’t make money on it—in fact, you could potentially lose money if you don't do it the RIGHT way.

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