Reasons to list during the Holidays

The holiday season brings great memories to most people, the food, the drinks and the presents! But when it comes to listing your home during this time most people this it’s a bad time. This is a common misunderstanding as this is a GREAT time to consider listing your home. Here’s a few reasons why the holidays are the right time to sell your home:

Better Buyers/Qualified Buyers

We do see a decrease in the marketplace for buyers, but what you don’t looks is the serious buyers. This helps to “trim the fat” and just deal with the serious buyers in the market.

More Time

It's not uncommon for people to have more time off work during the holiday season than at other times throughout the year. This allows for more time dedicated to searching for a new home.

Less Homes On the Market

This is a win for listings coming on the market, you will have less competition for the serious buyers. Less competition = more $$

Holiday “Feeling”

Potential buyers are seeing your home in “Holiday Colored” glasses, you can’t help but get swept up in the season

Stay in your home for the Holidays

The thought of moving out during the holidays is usually the drawback to listing, but we can solve this by negotiating extended occupancy terms that will allow you to remain in your home after it sells, not just through the holidays but beyond and into the new year.

Be First to the Market

We typically see a large increase in inventory of homes for sale after the holidays. Sometimes being first is the most important to not get lost in the shuffle.

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