On the Fence About Selling Your Home in 2018?

It’s one of the toughest decisions homeowners have to make: when do we decide to sell our home? Your home is most likely your single biggest investment, and it’s scary to think about putting it on the market at the right time. The good news is, if you pick the right agent, then you will put yourself into the best possible scenario.

Is Now the Time?

Per RealtyTrac we are in the middle of a sellers’ market. Meaning we have a high level of demand (buyers) but a low inventory of homes for sale.

This means that if you price your home correctly, you could see if fly off the market in 30 days or less! Here is a quick online tool to help give you a general idea of your home’s worth by clicking HERE.

Here in the Winter Park area, we are seeing houses stay on the market approximately 56 days, while the overall Orlando market is 73 days. Take a look at the stats from Orlando Regional Relator Association in August of 2018, showing that overall home prices are +3% higher than in August of 2017, but sales were down by 12% due to the low inventory. This means that even though qualified buyers are willing to buy, they just haven’t been able to find the right home!

Preparing to Sell

Is your home ready to sell? That custom Florida State Football paint job you did might be amazing to you, but would it appeal to potential buyers?

This is the first step after deciding to sell. What small or major improvements do we need to make to get the most out of your home? Most changes are simple, like decluttering the space and painting. You may want to make some more drastic changes, such as updating the kitchen or roof but don’t do anything until you speak with an agent. You don’t want to invest in a project where you won’t recoup the investment. Having The Turner Group in your corner from the beginning is the obvious way to make the most bang for your buck!

What Now?

The Turner Group is the neighborhood’s team of experts, and we want to make your selling experience as stress-free as possible! Not looking to sell right now? That’s okay too! We would love to sit down and discuss your real estate goals on your own timeline!

If you have been thinking about selling, call us, email us, text us, or send smoke signals because we are here to help you get started to ensure that you will get the most for your home.

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